Frequently Asked Questions

What is Media Bloq?

Media Bloq is a Blockchain technology company offering sonic enabled digital wallets powered by Sonocoin technology. The wallet app receives digital rewards broadcast over sound waves from movies, TV, radio, or social media platforms and records them on a secure blockchain. A production version of the white label wallet app is scheduled for delivery in q1 2020.

What is a sound enabled wallet?

A sound enabled wallet is a phone app capable of “listening” for coins broadcast from media files with embedded digital signals traveling over sound. The signals create private digital currency as rewards on your wallet. The coins will be redeemable in the production version (Q1 2020) within the platform for designated free or discounted items.

How do I receive and use the coins?

Just Press the middle button on the phone app to start listening mode.

Which media events (movie trailers, TV Shows, Advertisers, Sports, etc.) broadcast out coins to my sound enabled wallet?

All media content on this website will broadcast coins to demonstrate the technology in action. A Media Bloq Watermark { } will appear on public media content which is Data over Sound enabled.

How do I use the Wallet to pay for things?

  • The current Beta version of the app is for demonstration only with no commercial value. In some cases, there will be an opportunity to redeem test coins for some free or discounted stuff.
  • In the production version of the application scheduled for release in q1 2020, a simple to redeem option will be available as a menu item. Just use the “Pay / Redeem” option on the menu bar at the bottom of the phone app when checking out at one of our partner cash registers.